5000 Series Cutters

July 1, 2017

Lighter and more ergonomic than ever, no concessions on performance

Lighter than ever, thanks to new materials and component integration. Easy to carry and handle, reducing physical burden


Also available: Inclined Cutter
Cutter CU 5050i has a unique inclined cutter jaw for additional ergonomics at various applications, such as cutting the roof or the rocker panel. It eliminates the need to lift the tool above your head or to bend over deeply. It also leaves more space for the tool to move when cutting pillars from the side.
NCT cutter blades
Our New Car Technology blades are specially designed to cut new car construction. Their U-shape surrounds the material and pulls it in into the cutting recess, where it is cut at the strongest point of the cutter. With optimized cutting edge for long blade life and superior cutting performance.
Flat central bolt construction squeezing the blades together directly (no blade holder in between!) and more tightly. This minimizes blade separation and maximizes cutting performance. It also allows for better access in narrow spaces.
Ergonomic carrying handle
New ergonomic carrying handle design increases operator comfort in various working positions. The Inclined Cutter has one that goes all-around the tool enabling optimal cutter positioning at all sides of the car.
Integrated LED lighting
New LED lighting in the carrying handle: no less than six lights with a higher light output. Rescuers can start right away, both during the day and at night, without working in their own shadow