Holmatro introduces a Multi-rotatable foundry wedge for the easy processing of castings atany working height

June 27, 2017

Methods of working vary greatly and each foundry requires equipment that is adaptable and suitable for the required applications. Holmatro’s new Multi-Rotatable Foundry Wedge can be used at any required working height meaning that the repositioning of castings are reduced to an absolute minimum. This makes working safer, easier and greatly reduces the burden on the operator. The unique construction of the suspension system enables the wedge to be positioned quickly, simply, ergonomically and in any required direction, including vertically.

By making use of a handlebar-shaped operating handle, positioning the wedge horizontally, vertically or in another direction is safe and simple. The operating handle supports two-handed operation and can be operated by both right-handed and left-handed users by means of the special push-button control at both ends. With the introduction of this new foundry wedge, Holmatro again shows that innovation is at the heart of everything we do.